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It's not too late to make
a retirement plan.

I help people simplify the process of investing, so they may pursue their financial goals.

"More than a third of adults say they have not started saving for retirement yet... many of them over the age of 50."

*according to a national poll accompanying Bankrate’s monthly Financial Security Index.

More and more, people are working past retirement age to be able to cover basic living expenses when Social Security benefits are not enough. For many in Albuquerque, retirement planning can seem like a daunting goal that doesn’t seem realistic. 

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Retirement Planning Doesn't Have to Be Complicated

Even if you're over 50, it's not too late to make a plan!

At my office in Albuquerque, I guide my clients through the process of making a retirement plan with the goal of creating a financial future where they can retire comfortably. This process is fully transparent, so they always know where their money is situated. As an LPL Financial Planner, I have personally researched and built my portfolios using a forward-looking model. I actively manage my advisory accounts and make adjustments, as needed, based on current market conditions. 

Schedule Your Complimentary Consultation


We'll go over your current finances and talk about how we can best help you. 

We'll Make A Plan With You


We meet you where you are in your wealth management journey and help make a plan that's right for you.

Live Your Life, Worry Less.


We'll continue to work with you to execute your financial plan, so you can live more and worry less.

It's Time to Make a Plan

I'm Here To Help You Make a Financial Plan For Your Future

Many people don’t start saving for retirement because of a daunting fear of making mistakes and having to try to figure it out all alone. This fear wastes a valuable asset - time. With me and my team by your side, you are not alone. As an experienced financial professional who follows a fiduciary standard, it is my duty to act in the best interest of my clients, meaning I can only advise to buy and sell investments based on your best interests. 

My strength as an LPL Financial Advisor comes from a long history of professional experience and training in the financial services industry. With my expertise and training, I help my clients define and pursue their financial goals. 

 - Michael R. Rose                         



Financial Advisor for Engineers & STEM-Minded

While you mold the minds of the future, we’ll plan your financial future!

Senior Man
Retirement Planning for people over 50

It’s not too late to think about retirement. Let’s make a plan today!

Electrical Worker
Financial Planning for Blue Collar Workers

You work hard for your money. Let us work hard to make a plan that helps it grow!

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